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“The age of dragons soon comes to an end”

This is the hundredth generation of man that the Dragons have ruled over the Kingdoms of Mytheria. The Dragons have ruled as living god-kings, laying waste to the great peoples of the world, driving them into servitude, isolation or extinction. The Dragons have divided the lands amongst themselves and through the great efforts of their slaves, have constructed seven massive fortresses from which they reign.

The Middle Folk

The Children of Ashes

It is the end of a long winter and the season’s storms have not let up. A small ship named the Shrike has docked in the village of Pardo, thirty miles south of Fanghold, the fortress city of Godking Tarbor. Tarbor is holding a huge feast to celebrate the 800th year of his reign and while Tarbor grows ever fatter his people come closer to starvation every day.

The five passengers of the Shrike stand in the winter’s gale with their hoods drawn. They are seeking refuge in the nearest inn to prepare themselves for the journey north to Fanghold. They have a party to attend, for the age of Dragons soon comes to an end.

Main Page

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